Upgrades & Improvements - We're working 24/7 for you!

Posted on March 19 by CCTV | 5 comments

Upgrades,  Improvements & Our dedication to you!

Since our soft launch less than two months ago, we've been working around the clock to constantly improve our services. Thanks to feedback from you, our members, we're finding out exactly what you want to see and do, and how we can make live-streaming easier and better for everyone. 
One of the  most popular requests we've received has been the the ability to pop-out video and chat, which we've implemented and is running smoothly. We've also added a notification button above your stream, which you can use to notify all of your followers that you're currently streaming, via a personalized message. 
To add some fun and further personalize your live-chat during streaming, we've added the ability to upload and customize your own emoticons, which can also be used around the site.  And while most of us enjoy chatting during streams, there is always the chance of a troll lurking around and annoying us all-- to combat this, we've added the ability to warn and ban inappropriate users from your chat! 
The blog that you're currently reading is also a new feature for ConnectCast, and soon we're going to invite you, the users, to join in and publish your own articles!  
While we've had a great rise in new users since our launch, we're working to encourage Everyone to give live-streaming a try. Whether you want to share your music, art,  gaming, a how-to lesson, or stream for business use, anyone and everyone is welcome to join! 
As a new user, you may feel unsure about how live-streaming works, but we've got plenty of tutorials, and we're always here to provide answers and help for all of your questions. 
So don't be shy- signing up is easy and always free. Give us a try, and as always, your feedback is encouraged and appreciated! 


August 24, 2014

I can't see text in pop out chat. Can you guys fix that? Thanks.


November 30, 2014

modluk chat does not seem to have problems expressing her bi atarmıs your hands on some channels


December 11, 2014

if adding any language page be better for us , usually our Turkish page we want,just like a jtv Best regards


March 07, 2015

hi:)i ask about polish page too:).Best regards


August 05, 2015

Are customized emoticons exclusive to streamers? We cannot upload our own emoticons right now? Is this a bug or a feature? I hope emoticons are being made exclusive for streamers. ;_;