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How to Upload a New Offline Pic

There’s a new way to customize your broadcast...and it all happens when you go offline!

How to add New Follower Alerts to your Stream!

We’ve integrated a way to set up new follower notifications in-stream! Read about how to upload your own!

Custom Emoticons are open to all!

Custom emoticons are back and we’ve made the process easier than ever!

NEW Site and Copyright Info! Read for updates!

ConnectCast is going through a huge renovation! You have probably seen changes around the site. These are more of your suggestions brought to life!

Why choose to be a live-stream gamer?

You’re probably not surprised to find out that it is popular and easily addicting to watch recordings of others playing video games, but why do people choose to broadcast their game play?

Lifecasting! What is it?

You've seen it in the category section. You've probably heard of it in forums, on the news and other websites. What exactly is Lifecasting?

Coming soon: Get Paid to Stream with

Profit from your hobbies, and let us help.

New Homepage Update

You’ve seen the new homepage but we wanted to give a little tour of how to maneuver around the new homepage layout! We haven’t gotten rid of your favorite features, we’ve placed them in more convenient locations!

Partners can now Embed!

We’re amping up the Partner program and this is an even better reason to bump up your viewer/follower count and apply for Partnership!

We've now gone FULLY ad-free!

We have been listening to your comments and concerns and came up with a great solution to keep your streams uninterrupted!

We've added Notifications!

Staying updated and immediately knowing what friends are up to is what..... is now on Reddit! is now on Reddit!

Coming Soon: Stream & View from your phone!

The smartphone app is in the works!

What Makes a Successful Stream / Streamer?

Money, a large following, measurable fame...

Who should really live-stream with ConnectCast?

It seems that there's a dedicated space out there for just about every live-streaming purpose, and so you might be wondering- who is really for?

Upgrades & Improvements - We're working 24/7 for you!

Since our soft launch less than two months ago, we've been working around the clock to constantly improve our services...

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The popularity of live streaming on the web is growing rapidly these days. Online gamers are sharing their gameplay, and in some cases even making a living with it. Musicians are expanding their audience and gaining recognition by sharing intimate performances with the world. Hobbyists are connecting with others who share their interests