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Posted on March 11, 2014 20:33 PM   •   By CCTV

          The popularity of live streaming on the web is growing rapidly these days. Online gamers are sharing their gameplay, and in some cases even making a living with it.  Musicians are expanding their audience and gaining recognition by sharing intimate performances with the world.  Hobbyists are connecting with others who share their interests. Classes of all kinds are being taught for free to anyone across the globe that wants to learn.  Businesses are using live streams to connect with remote employees and potential customers. And more than anything, all types of people are using live streams to carve out their own place on the web, to create identity, and to connect with others.  The level of interaction that is felt through a live stream goes beyond just watching a video or having a conversation through typing, and this interaction is becoming more and more desired. 

            With an infinite number of ways to utilize live streaming, more and more services are popping up across the web.  Although it seems there are countless companies offering the service, most of them share a pretty similar format. To put it simply, you’ve got to pay—one way or another.  You can pay with money, to companies like UStream, who charge you a membership fee in order to stream, claiming that the quality they provide is worth the price.  Other platforms, providing lower quality services, may let you stream for free, but in exchange, they’ll interrupt your stream every couple of minutes with video advertisements, which has a severely detrimental effect on audience retention.  For most people, these different platforms are less than desirable, but options are limited, and we take what we can get—unless, of course, you’ve been lucky enough to stumble onto 

            So, what is it that makes ConnectCast different?  To begin with, the company itself was created out of a desire to be different, to be better, and to help others. Most entrepreneurs begin a business venture with the goal of making money—obviously we’ve all got to make a living somehow.  ConnectCast, on the other hand, began as strictly a way to make live streaming better, easier, more accessible, and available to the world, for free.  Quality live streaming, according to the creator of ConnectCast, isn’t something that needs to be expensive, difficult, or out of reach for anyone.  Streamers shouldn’t have to compromise quality for affordability, or deal with constant interruptions for the sake of advertisement. It’s a service that’s necessary in our world today, and that can be used to connect and help others—not just to make a profit.

            With that goal in mind, ConnectCast was born, and with much excitement and a great deal of optimism, the creator and small staff are committed to the continued growth of the site and its audience.  Helping others reach their goals is an important part of the business as well, which has lead to the building of a crowd-funding platform, integrated into the streaming service. With this, users can easily begin a campaign to fund a project, and share it across the web.  Appreciation for ConnectCast’s users is also important to the creator and staff, and it’s not uncommon to see them chatting with and helping users around the clock.

            While much of the live streaming community around ConnectCast so far consists of hobbyists, streamers around the world in every niche and genre are encouraged to give it a try. Educators, business leaders, musicians, public speakers, organizers and enthusiasts of all kinds—whatever you purpose or goal, ConnectCast can work for you. 

            For now, ConnectCast is very young, fresh, and in its early stages of development.  User give-aways and contests are in the near future, reiterating the ultra-appreciation and commitment to all users. As we reach out into the world, connect with a growing audience, and continue to improve and grow the website, our focus will remain strongly on you the users—who you are, what you want, and what’s important to you. The goal is to build a better service, a better community, and a better business- one where building a base of happy users  far outweighs gaining a huge profit.