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Who should really live-stream with ConnectCast?

Posted on April 01, 2014 21:46 PM   •   By CCTV

Live-streaming is becoming more and more present around the internet, with many different sites geared towards gamers,  or artists,  or business leaders,  or musicians.  It seems that there's a dedicated space out there for just about every purpose, and so you might be wondering- who is  really  for? 

Good question. 

The creator of ConnectCast intends on providing a very simple answer to this question: Everyone. 

It isn't just an answer to attempt to encourage a few more users to join,  but  in reality, ConnectCast really was created for the purpose of being flexible enough for Everyone, and filling every live-streaming need.  

The simple set-up of a channel allows users of all skill levels to join, and the live-help and tutorials make streaming extremely accessible. ConnectCast is proud to keep all aspects of membership absolutely free, leaving the ability to live-stream completely open to anyone and everyone who has access to a computer, and internet connection, and a simple webcam.  

But how can users really benefit from streaming on ConnectCast?

The ways that we can all use live-streaming to our advantage, are only limited by our own imaginations. Our society is changing almost constantly these days, with one thing remaining constant-- almost everything we do is enhanced by or relies on technology. So we've got to remain focused on how to best utilize technology to our benefit. 

Musicians - This one might be slightly obvious. You want to be heard, seen, and recognized. You want to share your art with the world, which can sometimes prove to be very difficult, especially if you can't afford to take a year off and travel the globe. A free alternative to that problem is live-streaming, of course.  You can play anywhere, any time, plan an "Event", invite your followers, share on your various social medias, record the stream to be saved with your other videos, chat with your viewers in real-time, and even open a tip-jar during the show.  Most of all, you can be seen and heard, all over the world, as often as you wish, and that's a valuable tool for musicians everywhere. 

Business leaders - Connecting and communicating with clients, employees, co-workers, and your various audiences is one of the most important aspects of running any successful business.  This can prove to be difficult though, as all of these groups are rarely in close proximity to one another, and rarely able to meet regularly. Phone conferences and e-mails usually suffice, but what are you losing by not being able to directly and fully communicate?  Live-streaming your presentation, your proposal, your pitch or your weekly meetings can offer a much more complete picture of what you're trying to present, and with the ability to live-chat with your audience in real time, acquiring feedback is easy. Your stream can also be set to private, so only those to whom you give the access code may join. We can usually get by on e-mails and phone calls, but why not connect more fully when it's easy and free? 

Instructors - Although this is a broad category, live-streaming can be an incredibly powerful tool for instructors of all kinds. Whether you're teaching an online college course, giving instructions or information about a hobby,  a how-to lesson on drawing, cooking, building, or how to do just about anything else, a live presentation can make all the difference for your students. Uploading videos has always sufficed, and is a great way to share your lessons- but wouldn't it be better if you could instruct in Real Time, and chat with your students during the lesson?  Take breaks for questions, help students who might not understand a certain point, and gain instant feedback- how helpful would that be!  You can also choose to make the lesson private, accessible to only those students who have paid course fees or belong to your group, whatever your preference may be. Don't forget to record the session for limitless future viewing! 

Event coordinators - Okay, this one might be a little obvious, but sharing your events with the world (or your private audience) has never been easier.  Whether it's a hobby convention, a fundraising party,  or a wedding that you want to share with relatives on the other side of the world, streaming it live, in true High Definition, is simple and always free. ConnectCast is passionate about using the best hardware and technology available, so that you'll never lose your stream, lag or compromise the quality of your important events.  Share the streaming even through your social media, chat with your viewers, and don't forget to record your stream, so that your video can be shared for years to come!

Gamers - If you're new to the world of online gaming, you'll soon find many platforms where you can live-stream your game play, and some of them are good quality, stable sites.  Unfortunately, most of them have a couple of negative qualities in common-- firstly, you've got to pay. Monthly membership fees are required to stream, and there's no way around it... unfortunately, not all of us have the disposable monthly income that we'd like to hand over to these websites. Secondly, and maybe even more annoyingly, VIDEO ADS!  At the beginning of your stream, every 5 minutes, popping up or interrupting the stream completely- video advertisements are a great way for websites to make money.  But let's be honest, they've got to be just about the most annoying thing on the internet. Who really wants to watch a Febreeze commercial in every stream?

Everyone else - It's not hard to imagine how live-streaming can be fun, useful, and beneficial for just about everyone. works constantly to be the best, the most stable, the highest quality, and the most accessible platform in the world, and to remain absolutely free, free of video advertisements, and easy to use.  We thrive on feedback from our users, always working to make improvements based on what works best for them.

So fire up that camera, log in to, and start connecting!