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Coming Soon: Stream & View from your phone!

Posted on June 16, 2014 15:41 PM   •   By CCTV

    It isn't always convenient or plausible to drag your laptop around with you wherever you're going, and most of us spend just as much, or more time viewing content on our phones than our computers. In an obvious next step in the growth of, we're very excited to announce the beginning of development of the ConnectCast app! Soon, you'll be able to stream from anywhere, and view other live streams and videos right from your phone. 

    The application will be available for both iPhone and Android, and will work both under WiFi and regular cell service. After logging in using your existing ConnectCast username and password, or creating a new account, you'll be able to browse current live streams to view, as well as starting your own stream. You'll be able to adjust your stream settings and details, and even share your stream to your social medias, alerting all of your friends and followers that you're streaming.  The design will be fairly simple and easy-to-use, perfect for streamers and viewers of every level and under every category. 

    Our goal with this new app is to make live-streaming even more accessible, and for more users. Streaming from your phone opens up a world of possibilites, and we're working to make it as simple as clicking a button. So stay tuned, we'll be releasing a tentative date soon!