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What Makes a Successful Stream / Streamer?

Posted on July 02, 2014 14:37 PM   •   By CCTV

Over the past few months of talking with avid gamers who stream often, one topic of conversation always comes up-- what is it that makes a stream successful? When and how do you feel successful as a streamer? Not surprisingly, opinions vary greatly on this subject.

First and foremost, the answer I've heard more often than any other, is that a streamer is successful when he or she can make a financial living by generating revenue through streaming. This by and large is achieved through sponsorships, which aren't possible unless a streamer has a large and loyal following, and becomes a living advertisement. It is the dream of many streamers, especially gamers, to make a living of it- and ultimately be seen as successful. 

Although finances are of top concern for most of us, I've also run across a good number of streamers who would judge success differently. Like starving artists or struggling musicians, many streamers do it out of pure enjoyment, out of love for the craft. A gamer that I recently spoke with told me, "My audience is usually small, and I don't have many followers yet, but I feel successful when I'm streaming in the best quality possible, and providing great entertainment for my audience, however big or small it is." Despite still having to hold a day job and experiencing a lack of fame, many streamers still feel accomplished when a stream is of quality and the audience is pleased.

So what makes a stream or a streamer successful?  Generating revenue, achieving top quality, a large and loyal following? Maybe 5-star commentary, or just a pleased audience? 

Commentary welcomed!