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We've now gone FULLY ad-free!

Posted on April 22, 2015 15:12 PM   •   By jane

We want to provide you the best possible experience so we have jumped feet first and made ConnectCast AD-FREE!

Advertisements can be a nuisance to your broadcast. We know how you feel about this. We have been listening to your comments and concerns and came up with a great solution to keep your streams uninterrupted. 

You don't need advertisements to buy what you want to buy. You know what you want to spend your money on: merchandise and services you know you will use and enjoy. You want to spend money on things that will give you something in return. We have full confidence in you and are trusting you in our newest journey so in order to remove ads we have now opened up the option to let you help fund the site as a community. We want the focus of our website to be all about you and we are giving you the opportunity to help make ConnectCast the best with YOUR support.

Just click one of the donation banners to sign into PayPal and give! It's as easy as that! PayPal takes care of the payment process so you can be sure it is a secure and safe transaction. Give once, give more, it is all up to you! Anything contribution will go to making this site what you want it to be!