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Lifecasting! What is it?

Posted on April 29, 2015 11:45 AM   •   By jane

You've seen it in the category section. You've probably heard of it in forums, on the news and other websites. What exactly is Lifecasting?

The term Lifecasting, according to Wikipedia, "is a continual broadcast of events in a person's life through digital media". Lifecasting started out as strapping a webcam (connected to a small laptop with a network card) somewhere on a person's body. This helped the person to share their life to others over the use of internet. Lifecasting was a new concept when the term was coined back in 2007 but quickly caught on with the popularity of reality TV shows and the ever-growing options of sharing information virtually-free over the internet. 


Because of the intimate nature of this form of socializing, Lifecasting is a rare and questionable social media. With the departure of the highly popular lifecasting host,, Lifecasting isn't seen as much on the internet today. It doesn't have to be this way!


Why not venture out here on ConnectCast and try Lifecasting? We will host your channel for free and you can see how addictive the lifestyle can be. Lifecasting started out with wearable cameras and expensive, portable technology but now the world has advanced so far into technology with smartphones, GoPros, a wider variety of webcams and stronger and more powerful laptops. It is so much easier and cheaper to share your life with others. Use Lifecasting to introduce the world to your college life and have it as "accountability" as you study for finals and write papers. Use it to record memorable moments like your first date, weddings, ceremonies, family gatherings. Introduce the world to your pets and have it as a pet cam while you are otherwise occupied. Yes, its a lifestyle change but there is so much potential. Give it a try!