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Why choose to be a live-stream gamer?

Posted on May 05, 2015 12:16 PM   •   By jane

Live-streaming has become quite a phenomenon over the last few years and it has become cheaper and easier to not only broadcast what you want but also find what you’re in the mood to see. What are people really searching to watch live now? There is an endless supply of random subjects to watch live but the seemingly popular thing to view now is something so many Internet-ians love to do themselves: They want to immerse themselves into the wonderful world of Gaming!

You are probably not surprised to discover that it is popular and easily addicting to watch recordings of others playing video games. One of the original ways Internet-browsing individuals entertained themselves with games was through YouTube’s convenient “Let’s Play” collection. Gamers would record themselves playing video games so viewers could watch the game from beginning to end, most of the time offering banter and commentary along the way. The moment these types of videos hit the world-wide-web, they were welcomed with open arms. Channels are still reaching millions of views per video and gaining hundreds of new subscribers in a matter of days. The audience didn’t watch these because they didn’t feel competent enough to play (because we all know you are very competent). These gameplay videos were a new, relatable form of entertainment. Gamers could now share the struggle when playing through tough obstacles. They now had a way to vent their frustrations as well as share their celebrations without having to invite strangers into their homes to watch them play on a physical TV. Of course the videos also have their benefits of improving gameplay. Can’t get past a boss? You could search for a video of someone already beating it. Want to share your favorite part of the storyline without playing through the beginning of the game? It’s somewhere on the Internet. All you have to do is ask.

Now, we come to live-streaming gamers, the ones you see on our website. These gamers are similar to YouTube’s “Let’s Play” gamers because they record themselves playing through a game but the difference is that live-streaming gamers have a real-time, interacting audience. People who spend their time playing video games are often criticized as being “anti-social” and “hidden away from person-to-person interaction” (usually by their own mom, girlfriend, teachers, etc.). Live-streaming your games changes the dynamic entirely. Think about it. Spending your time online browsing takes away from participating in human interaction. You watch Netflix, YouTube, check out funny pictures of cats or play games. This is all a one-way gathering of information. You might be learning from that documentary you found about narwhals but that documentary isn’t learning a lick about you. What live-streaming your games does is this: It adds that vital human-interaction everyone has been raving about.

When you live-stream your games on ConnectCast you are not only sharing your gameplay, you’re now part of a live conversation full of real reactions. Your 20+ hrs/wk of online seclusion has now changed to something more. You are now surrounded by humans (*ahem* mostly) and are learning about people who share the same interests as you! Mom/Girlfriend/Teacher would be proud! Gamers broadcast not only to show off their skills -- most aren’t professional -- they broadcast because they love to play. Broadcasters love the interaction and choose to game because of the positive feedback.

Streamers on ConnectCast are more than just broadcasters, they become part of a community. Some gamers find themselves being berated or trolled but amidst the negativity, one viewer’s positive comment that their day was made keeps broadcasters energized and excited to turn their channel on the next day. Live-streamers get to meet people they wouldn’t normally come in contact with: gamers from other countries, celebrities, business representatives, and friends...WHAT? Lasting relationships are made. There are broadcasters that have been live-streaming since it began back in 2007 and have made incredible friends. There are also many opportunities for sponsorship and partnering programs, as well as invitations to conferences and opportunities to beta test new games. All you have to do is press play!

Think this might be for you? Try it! Grab a video capture card or a screen-capturing software. It’s easy to get started. Check out one of our videos on how to start your own channel. We offer to host your channel for free and we look forward to seeing what you have to offer! If streaming is not for you, there are many great channels to check out in our Gaming category. Enjoy the gaming community here on ConnectCast!