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New Homepage Update

Posted on May 08, 2015 10:23 AM   •   By jane

You’ve seen the new homepage but we wanted to give a little tour of how to maneuver around the new homepage layout! We haven’t gotten rid of your favorite features, we’ve placed them in more convenient locations!

BROWSE LIVE CHANNELS: We have removed live channels from the front page and moved them to a Browse button at the top of the site. This button sticks with you throughout any page on ConnectCast so you can head back over to browse Live channels wherever you might be. We want you to be able to discover great channels so we’ve made it easier to find something new.

NEW USER INFORMATION: Our About page has graduated and moved to the front page! We want new users and visitors to be able to easily access information if they have any questions so we moved a few of the About page info blocks to the front.

UPDATES/BLOGS/HIGHLIGHTS: Shout-outs and updates from the website are now found on the homepage. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the most recent updates from the site. There’s no need to maneuver around the site to see the newest updates. We’ll keep you updated by posting to the blog regularly, as well as highlighting great channels and keeping you in-the-know on any changes.