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NEW Site and Copyright Info! Read for updates!

Posted on August 10, 2015 22:22 PM   •   By jane

ConnectCast is going through a huge renovation! You have probably seen changes around the site. These are more of your suggestions brought to life! While we are going through and updating the website we want to bring another important change to your attention. There will be a change in terms following right along with website update.

We want to make sure your broadcast and recorded content has the most viewership here. We know you have great ideas and many things to offer and we want you to feel supported while you share it here on ConnectCast, whether it be through gaming, lifecasting or creating any great original content. Our updates are catered to our content creators (that’s you, broadcaster!) because we know how important it is for broadcasters and viewers alike to be able to access what they need from ConnectCast.

Because we want the servers to run smoothly and give you the best connection possible, we will no longer allow rebroadcasts of any television networks, including sports games. Rebroadcasting these items is against copyright rules for these networks so, naturally, your channel will be banned from ConnectCast if we find you violating these terms.

Please share this blog post with anyone you think this might affect. If this is something you have been doing in the past, try mixing it up a little and doing any of our great categories! We’re looking for music DJ’s, people willing to share their life, musicians, hardcore and casual gamers, any people wanting to get their name out there! These new changes not only benefit you, they help us as a website grow stronger so we can support you even greater in the future! If you have any questions, click the “Contact Us” button on the side bar. We will be glad to help you out!