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Custom Emoticons are open to all!

Posted on August 30, 2015 23:02 PM   •   By jane

Custom emoticons are back and we’ve made the process easier than ever!

Emotion settings are found by clicking the “Settings” button in the top right corner of the website, clicking “Chat Settings” on the left-hand panel, and then clicking “Upload Emoticon” or “Emoticon List”.

Emoticons may be uploaded in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .png format. They work best if they are built in a perfect square (60 x 60 pixels ,for example). This helps prevent stretching. Click “Choose File” to find and upload your custom emoticon, type the code you would like to use WITHOUT the brackets ( [ and ] ). You will need the brackets when using the emoticons in your chat. You may upload up to 14 custom emoticons!

If you feel you are not using an emoticon as much you can always delete it and swap it out for something new. Just click “Emoticon List” in your Chat Settings and you can delete your emoticon by clicking the red X.

There are two ways to use your emoticons in chat. The easiest way to find and use them is to click the smiley face in the chat text box, click “Custom” and you can find your list easily. Just click and send! The second way is to type out your emoticon command, which will need to be in the brackets ( [ and ] ). For example, if your emoticon code is “redapple” you would type [redapple] in your chat text and your code will bring up your emoticon when you send your text through!

These little icons are fun and addicting and now available to everyone on ConnectCast!