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How to add New Follower Alerts to your Stream!

Posted on September 11, 2015 18:35 PM   •   By jane

Everyone wants to build their fan/follower-base. We want to help! We’ve integrated a way to set up new follower notifications in-stream! You might have seen a few channels pop up with a pic and message saying “User1234 followed you!”. Here’s a tutorial to help you create your own! Just a heads up, this is all for Windows users. Unfortunately Mac doesn’t support the plugins needed but hopefully it is something in the near future!

Open Broadcaster: If you use this program to stream, you will need to download the OBS CLR Browser Source Plugin. Use this video on how to make sure you're installing the CLR Browser Source Plugin correctly.

XSplit: If you’re an XSplit user, you’re already set! XSplit already has an “Add WebPage URL” plugin.

On ConnectCast you will need to go to your Dashboard. Above where the viewer list is located you will see a tab named “Alert”. This is where you will adjust all of your New Follower Notification settings.

  • Image: Upload an image you would like to pop up when someone follows you. Choose something with an excited, thankful, or funny theme! You can even upload a short gif and it will play just as easily as an image!
  • Audio: Upload a short alert sound. This will be the prompt that will draw you and your viewers to see who the new follower is so you can say thanks! 
  • Duration: This will be how long the image is displayed on your screen. If you are using a gif, make sure it repeats enough or is displayed long enough so you can read the text and new follower’s name.
  • Font Family: We’ve given 10 options to choose from. Choose your favorite!
  • Font Size: You can choose anywhere between 14 - 32 pt.
  • Font Color and Font Shadow Color: You can choose anywhere on the color spectrum. 

Remember to save any changes! If you would like to test your alert, change and save your settings then click the “Preview” tab at the top. Click “Test Notification” and this will be what pops up when someone follows your channel.
When you are ready to put it to use go back to “Settings” and copy the Token URL. This is what you will paste into XSplit or OBS.

XSplit Users: Click “Add” at the bottom of the page and go to “Other” then “Webpage URL…”. Paste the token URL here. 

OBS Users: After downloading the CLR Browser Source Plugin, click right click under “Sources”, go to Add then “CLR Browser”. You can change the name to Notification, Alert, or leave it at CLR Browser if you like. Past the token URL and press OK. 

You're all set! Any changes you make after you paste the link in your broadcaster will automatically be updated. No need to keep resetting the URL! Good luck and we look forward to your new followers!