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How to Upload a New Offline Pic

Posted on September 17, 2015 17:35 PM   •   By jane

There’s a new way to customize your broadcast...and it all happens when you go offline! 

You now have the ability to upload a pic to display over your screen when your broadcast goes offline. You can create something to inform your audience of a next broadcast, upload a favorite picture or just be creative in how you say you're offline! Have fun with the new feature! This gives you a new way to interact with your audience even if they aren’t able to catch you live.


  • Click your name in the top right and click "Settings"
  • You should be in Account Settings. Under "Offline Image" choose the picture you would like to use!
  • Feel free to download the free images we've provided below or use your own!

(Right-click the picture to "Open image in a new tab" to download the full-size image)